Why putting fruits in your salads is great for your body

Did you know that iron is responsible for supplying oxygen to all your organs and tissues with the help of the protein hemoglobin? Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, decreased mental functioning and, for expectant mothers, small or premature babies.

I’ve dealt with this problem for years… I had no energy, felt dizzy and soooo weak, I just wanted to sleep all the time. I got to know a thing or two about the importance of keeping a healthy level of iron in my blood stream! It helped me get back to health:)

First thing to know: iron absorption depends on several factors, including how much you get of certain nutrients. To stay healthy, eat plenty of iron-rich foods along with foods rich in vitamin C to enhance absorption. And here’s why.

The body absorbs heme iron, found in animal products, more efficiently. Nonheme iron, from plant sources, is on the other hand better absorbed when paired with vitamin C rich foods. That’s why adding fruits (rich in vit C) to your iron rich veggies will help your body better absorb it.


Another good thing to know is that foods containing calcium, tannins, phytates and polyphenols decrease the absorption of nonheme iron. Tea, coffee, milk, legumes and whole grains contain these substances. So wait at least half an hour after finishing your awesome and nutritious salad before having a sip of tea or a glass of milk.

To your success and health,

Patricia 🙂