The Body is Just the Beginning

This is a sacred space. This is a body hate free zone. This is a space where every body is loved and celebrated.

My body is strong now and the confidence and strength it gives me are worth feeding it clean and working out daily. I actually look forward to it as these habits positively impact all areas of my life: I’m calmer, I sleep better, my blood pressure and bad cholesterol are down, I feel less stressed, I have more energy and I laugh more. I just enjoy life much more:)

I have lost 30 pounds. Yes, it was all about the pounds and the inches in the beginning; but the stronger I got, the less they seem to matter. My clothes were fitting better. My skin was looking better. I could climb the stairs without being out of breath. I fell asleep soon after I laid down at night. I no longer felt that pain in my lower back. Most importantly, I felt I was a better mom and a better friend.

I am not a certified trainer, nor a nutritionist. But getting where I am today took a lot of research and trying many different things on my part. I think being a business coach in life helped me in being consistent with the simple plans and actions it took for me to achieve my goals.

I hope with this blog to inspire you to get and stay motivated, fit and healthy – body, mind and soul. You have no idea how powerful and beautiful you are when you feel strong. Trust me: size doesn’t really matter and you are worth unleashing your most incredible self. The weight will take care of itself once you shift your mindset.

I truly think happiness and gratitude are the fastest ways to any goal. Welcome to my world:)

Feel free to add me to your social media friends, you’ll find the links at the side and bottom bars. If you’d like to join my free fitness accountability group, simply send me a request at

To your success and your heath,



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